Carfax Explanation - Atlanta, Georgia
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Why does this car not have a Carfax?




Carfax only supports newer vehicles with a 17 digit VIN number, which was first used by all automakers starting in 1981. Some very low mileage 1981 and 1982 vehicles are not fully supported by Carfax due to a lack of available records. Carfax simply does not keep records for vehicles older than this. Additionally, we are not responsible for any Carfax records reported after one of our vehicles sells, which is why we do not list Carfaxes for sold cars. Furthermore, sometimes we like to advertise cars before they get here, and when a VIN is not available, we cannot run a Carfax on a car. And lastly, some extremely low mileage older vehicles do not have any Carfax records due to them not being frequenltly driven or serviced by a facility that reports to Carfax.